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8 Tips for Naming a Business

There are many do’s and don'ts when it comes to naming your business, and we’ve compiled some of the most important to get you started.


How to Register a Business Name in All 50 States

Found the perfect business name? Congratulations! You should register it so no one else can claim it. Registering your business name can protect your business and help you create a brand.


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You’ve found out that someone else is using a similar business name to yours. What do you do?


How to Use a Business Name Generator

There’s no better way to make a lasting first impression with your customers than with a solid business name.


How to Come Up With a Unique Business Name

On average, 77% of customers make purchase decisions based solely on a business name.


​How to Name a Nonprofit Corporation: A Quick Guide

Would you write a check for $100 to an organization called “Driven?” Maybe? You’d probably want to know more about what exactly they do before committing, right? Unfortunately, there are tons of...


22 Resources and Tips for Coming Up with a Business Name

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10 Small Business Ideas Straight Out of College to Repay Student Loans

The post-graduation time after college can be a time of great opportunity but also stress. It can feel like you’ve got the whole world in front of you (which you do!), but the number of opportunities...


How to Find Out If a Business Name Is Already Taken

Finding the right name for your business is often one of the most challenging and important aspects of having a business. Now if you’ve found that right name, before you move forward with any...