Good News: Starting a Family-Owned Business Is Easier Than Ever

Do members in your family have complementing skills? Maybe someone has excellent managerial skills, someone else has an eye for marketing and another is

​How to Name a Nonprofit Corporation: A Quick Guide

Would you write a check for $100 to an organization called “Driven?” Maybe? You’d probably want to know more about what exactly they do before

Can I File a DBA in a Different State Than My LLC?

A business name can make or break a business — it’s just that important. Think about it: choosing a business name that doesn’t match the true meaning of

What Are the Most Recession-Proof States for You to Start Your Business?

Recession is one of the most feared words when it comes to economics. It's right there with stagnation, slump and downturn, but not as bad as crash or

Best Small Business Ideas You Didn't Think of That Thrive During Economic Downturn

An entrepreneur is able to spot an opportunity in any situation, even if that situation is an economic downturn. They can assess the current situation,

A List of Skills that Will Help You Launch Your Business Dream

Are you thinking about starting a business and owning your own LLC? If so, you need to possess a certain number of business skills or even entrepreneurial

How the Startup Funding Process Really Works

If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to start and grow a business, you need to understand the startup funding process. Startup funding is a way for

Should You Have a DBA or an LLC for Your Remote Business?

The business landscape in America and across the world has significantly changed in 2020. The United States has moved from having one of the strongest

4 Home Business Ideas That Double as Tax Write-Offs

Are you stuck inside due to recent COVID-19 restrictions and social distancing? Do you wish you had a business you could run out of your home to keep

Coping Strategies from Businesses Around the World and What We Can Learn

These are challenging times for everyone right now. But if you're considering starting a limited liability company (LLC), you may be wondering how you can

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