Small Business Entrepreneurship 2022 Predictions and Industry Data

As a new year dawns, optimism among entrepreneurs, business owners and hopeful startups is rising, too.

Can I Use the Same DBA Name for Two Entities That I Own?

Having a DBA — or “Doing Business As” name — for your small business can help when it comes to connecting your fictitious company name to your product or

Realistically, How Much Does It Cost to Start a Business?

While the image of startups portrayed in the media usually depicts a Shark Tank-esque frenzy of multiple rounds of fundraising and meeting with venture

What Is a Good Business to Start in 2022?

If you opted to delay starting your own business over the last year, then 2022 may be the perfect time to take the plunge.

Easy Guide to Buying and Registering a Domain Name [No Configuration or Coding Required]

In the coming years, we’ll look back at the pandemic as the moment where everything changed. For small businesses, the pandemic led to an unprecedented

Is Your Business Name Web-Friendly?

One of the most difficult decisions in starting a business is wondering what to call it.

What to Do If Your Child Wants to Be an Entrepreneur

Choosing to start your own small business is one thing, but what about when your child announces plans to become an entrepreneur?

How to Become a Consultant

Want to share the knowledge and expertise you’ve acquired over the years and make great money doing it? Becoming a consultant gives you the opportunity

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