Common Federal & State Licenses and Permits Your Business Might Need

Let's face it: there's a lot of paperwork to file when it comes to starting your new business. It's not only crucial that you fill out the forms

LLCs Can Prevent Fraud, Embezzlement with Simple Steps

Small businesses are often hit harder by fraud and embezzlement than larger companies. According to the American Association of Certified Fraud

How to Maintain Your Real Estate Business with Proper Permits, Licenses, Insurance & Other Legalities

If you recently started a real estate business, we want to congratulate you. You’re on your way to building a successful real estate company. But, we

When & Why Would You Use Incfile's Business License Research Package Service?

Starting a business is sometimes as simple as forming an LLC, but some types of businesses require more than just a corporate entity: they require a

Steps to Take Before & After You Get a Washington State Business License

If you're considering getting a Washington state business license, it's probably because you either (a) are about to move there with your current

Understanding Your Business License Needs: Cost & Renewal

Tons of things are just plain exciting when you're dreaming about starting your own business: What are you going to call it? What is the store front

Established LLCs: Don't Forget to Stay on Top of Records to Maintain Liability Protection

Once you've started your LLC, it can be tempting to wipe your hands, congratulate yourself on your accomplishment and step back thinking your shiny new

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