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How To Focus On Building Your Startup

To succeed at building your startup company you need to focus and single mindedness to achieve this goal. This visual graphic is about eliminating everything that does not help develop your startup from your life. Creating a successful business requires a monk like dedication and steel resolve. Major Steps Stop checking email Hide your phone […]

The Largest Company in Each State

This is a map of the largest company by revenue in every state, how does your state stack up? The businesses span quite the range, from $1 billion to $476 billion and represent various sectors, including energy, banking and retail. The survey ignored branches or foreign offices and, excluded subsidiaries or government entities. The demographics […]

Home-based businesses growing in California

Cities in California’s Bay Area are seeing a sharp rise in the number of entrepreneurs looking to form an LLC or other home-based small business in the area, the Contra Costa Times reports. The paper says that the city of Antioch has seen a 37-percent increase in home business licenses compared to last year. Pittsburg, California, […]