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​Can I Deduct My Lunch? Business Deductions You Might Be Missing


Freelancers and small business owners often wonder what is “safe” to use as business deductions to write off from their taxes. There is often a lot of confusion, uncertainty and misinformation among small business owners about the topic of business deductions, with people wrongly assuming that certain items are deductible or failing to claim legitimate […]

Protect your assets in a recovering economic climate

Even as the nation moves toward recovery, the economic climate has caused a number of economic losses for business people. Still, it’s not too late to protect personal assets from any potential business losses. A report from Resource Nation offers entrepreneurs some tips on how to be proactive about protecting personal assets in tough economic times. The […]

Silicon Valley Bank helps promote business incorporation

California-based Silicon Valley Bank says that its small business lending programs have helped fuel small business formation and promoted job growth. The company says that it added 1000 clients over the last year. A significant portion of those customers – roughly 40 percent – were borrowers. SVB says its “pipeline of new potential borrowers” has […]