How to DIY Invoices for Your Small Business

In every business, there is endless paperwork — emails, spreadsheets, bills, taxes.

Is There a Difference Between Bookkeeping and Accounting? What Does Your Small Business Need?

On average, the small business owner can spend more than 100 hours annually on bookkeeping and accounting. Yet, 60 percent of owners feel they don’t have

Here's What Women Leaders Have to Say About Managing Business Finances

If you’re starting a business, Marsha Kelly, small business consultant and owner of Best4Businesses blog, suggests that your grandmother might have had

Cash and Accrual Accounting: Which Is Better for Small Businesses?

You'll make a lot of decisions as a business owner. One of the most important? It's deciding how to maintain your accounting in order to properly track

Keeping Your Personal Finances Separate from Business Finances: Why it Matters & How to Do So

Starting a business can be an overwhelming but rewarding task. There's so much to do when starting an LLC or S Corp that sometimes you can run into

8 Tax Savings Hacks Small Business Owners Often Miss

Small businesses often run on tight margins, and you’ll need to pay self-employment, federal and state taxes on any profit you make. If you own a limited

Kicking Off Your Business with the Right Financial Projections for Growth

Starting a limited liability company (LLC) or other type of business involves a lot of planning. Before you officially kick off your company, you need to

What Is a Financial Statement, and Why Do You Need One?

The financial health of your business is essential to your success, and having an accurate financial statement for your company can make all the

5 Accounting Mistakes That Plague Small Business Owners

Accounting mistakes happen. That’s just the reality of it. However, for many small business owners and solopreneurs who just started their very first LLC

3 Ways Small Business Accounting Software Will Save You Money

Small business owners obsess over the bottom line—and with good reason—a U.S. Bank study found that 82 percent of businesses fail because of cash flow

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