How to Support Small Businesses for Made in the USA Day


How to Support Small Businesses for Made in the USA Day

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There are many ways to be patriotic during the month of July, but Made in the USA Day is the only one that's all about supporting local businesses and the community. The annual celebration aims to promote locally made and owned businesses, highlighting the many benefits of shopping locally — from supporting local families to boosting the economy. We chatted with a couple of experts to understand why Made in the USA is so important and how you can participate.

What Is Made in the USA Day?

Made in the USA Day is a celebration of manufacturers, companies and brands that make, produce and sell their products within the United States. It’s the perfect time to support your favorite local shops and promote locally made products. 

While it’s officially observed on one particular day (July 2), the values behind the concept should be celebrated throughout the month of July — and beyond! There are many reasons why supporting local business and looking to shop small can benefit everyone. 

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Why Is Supporting Local Business Important?

In our globalized world, you may not always stop to think about where your products or food are made. But supporting local business is really important for several reasons: Whether you’re an eco-conscious shopper or like supporting your local community, shopping made in the USA products can appeal to everyone.

In fact, according to a survey by The Reshoring Institute, nearly 70 percent of Americans said they preferred to buy American-made products. 


The purpose of Made in the USA Day is to promote some of these economic, social and environmental benefits of locally produced items. So, let’s take a closer look at them and what they mean for consumers and producers. Some of the main benefits of supporting local business include:

1. It's Better for the Environment

One of the biggest benefits of shopping small and local is environmental. While the economics of it may get promoted the most, shopping locally should be a huge focus for eco-conscious shoppers. “The pollution caused from importing goods is huge, so it is always beneficial if a product can use less fossil fuels,” explains Kamyar K.S, CEO of World Consulting Group

Most locally made products will have traveled fewer miles than anything that would have been imported from overseas. The transportation sector generates the largest share of greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. at 27 percent, according to the EPA. By focusing more on local products, it can help reduce those emissions and the overall carbon footprint of the product. 

2. It Supports Local Families and Communities

However, one of the main reasons that Americans like to buy local is to support their community. A survey done recently by Intuit revealed that 57 percent of Americans say their main reason for shopping small is to keep the money local. 

“It helps support the local economy as more of the money goes directly to those in the community who are providing these goods,” explains Kamyar. Shopping locally is one of the best ways to support families and creators, especially as it can be a more personal experience knowing where your money is going. 

3. It Boosts the Economy and Productivity

If you want to look on a broader scale, buying locally made products also helps boost the overall economy and productivity by creating jobs. “Buying American-made products helps keep these local companies afloat and gives them access to markets where they can sell their products at fair prices and still maintain good margins, which means more jobs for workers here at home,” explains Dmitriy Bobriakov, Marketing Manager at Virto Commerce

It can also have broader impacts on other industries. For example, buying one locally made product from a small business can also indirectly support others. “All of the funds spent on their products, their transportation, packaging and more, provide the local businesses with the means to continue production and the cycle continues,” says Kamyar. 

4. It Provides Higher Quality Products

The final benefit of purchasing Made in the USA goods is quality. Many locally made products are either handmade, personally designed and/or produced. This often means you’ll likely have more guarantee of a higher quality product that will last longer. This can be true no matter the industry, from clothing to food. 

For example, Kamyar says, buying locally made food is usually much fresher meaning greater taste and health benefits. And any unique artisanal product is often made with special techniques as well as great love and care that you may not find in other items you buy. 

Businesses to Support During Made in the USA Day

Wondering where to start? If you want to support Made in the USA Day and are not sure where you might find some local businesses who manufacture in the U.S., we’ve put together a short list of Incfile customers who have local businesses that offer USA-made products:

The Table Fix LLC: Handmade bourbon barrel charcuterie boards and other homewares.
Incfile customer The Table Fix LLC

Stoneonta LLC: A startup making custom screen print and embroidery clothing.Incfile customer Stoneota LLC

Made in Accord LLC: An architectural woodturning shop and furniture studio in Southern Maine.

Incfile customer Made in Accord LLC

And a few other ones to check out:

Support Small Business Owners

Buying small and local has so many economic, environmental and social benefits. From reducing the overall carbon footprint of the end product to supporting your local community, families and makers, there’s a lot of joy in shopping for American-made goods.

But you can celebrate local brands, companies and businesses year-round. Feeling inspired to launch your own made-in-the-USA business? Incfile makes starting and growing a business easy. Check out our handy business resource guide and tools to get started.

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