Wisconsin wishes for tax credits for angel investors

When entrepreneurs consider forming a company, the ideal business environment that comes to mind is usually not that of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. However, if the new year brings the help business-minded individuals are looking for, that could all change.

Contributor for the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel Tom Still recently listed his top items for business growth in Wisconsin for 2011. Ranked among his top wishes was a need for more businesses filling an LLC to the capital they need to grow.

According to Still, institutional investors in the Midwest produce approximately 40 percent of the venture capital in the United States, but only about 14 percent of that is invested in that region. To combat this, Still suggests that lawmakers considers the tax credits that investors have received since 2005.

“These credits prompted a four-fold increase in early stage investing in five years and made Wisconsin the nation’s leader in creating angel networks,” he writes.

Wisconsin’s Governor-elect, Scott Walker, realizes the challenges facing him as he takes office, including fulfilling his campaign pledge of creating 250,000 additional jobs by the end of his four-year term and increasing funding for businesses, the paper writes.

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