Why Should I Choose Incfile Over Other Online Formation Companies?

Why Should I Choose Incfile Over Other Online Formation Companies?

We know that Incfile is not the only online formation company out there, but we’re confident that we’re the best because our focus is on your success. Let’s face it: As a small business owner, you have more important things to do than research legal packages, understand laws and regulations and wonder if your entity paperwork is being filed correctly.

We’ve tailored our services to the needs of entrepreneurs like you, and created our company around what would we want if we were in your shoes. Here’s why we’re the best choice if you’re looking to form your business entity online:

You Can Trust Us

We’ve helped over 150,000 business owners from around the world file for their business entity. When you contact us, you’ll talk to real people who have at least six years of experience in this industry. We also want what’s best for you. We’ll walk you through our packages and learn about your business to help you make the perfect choice for your needs — even if that means picking a lower-priced option.

We Leave Out the Legal Jargon

Legal documents can be long and confusing; we get that. In our phone conversations, online learning center resources and website information, we use a real-world vocabulary so you’ll understand every step in this process. You can learn as much or as little as you want to about creating a legal entity, and you’ll always feel like you’re talking to a friend — not a stuffy legal adviser.

More Bang for Your Buck

If you were to hire a local lawyer to help you create a business entity, we can almost guarantee it will cost you much more than $0. We know every penny counts when you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur, so we create each package with valuable tools and resources that will aid your business for a phenomenal price.

One-Stop Shop

There’s a lot that goes into forming your own business entity. You’ll need to:

  1. Choose which entity type is best for your company
  2. Research to see if the business name you want is available
  3. Create your Articles of Organization
  4. File the appropriate paperwork
  5. Determine which contracts are applicable for your type of industry and access those documents for contract workers, nondisclosure agreements, employment agreements and more
  6. Apply for a business EIN if you’re planning on hiring employees or want to open a bank account separate from your own

At Incfile, we’ve put all of the tools to accomplish these tasks in one place so you can get the job done quickly and easily, no matter where you are in the process.

Why Should I Choose Incfile Over Other Online Formation Companies?

We Make it Simple

You don’t need to search multiple government websites to access forms, look up which ones to fill out (and where to send them) or wonder if you’re filling them out correctly. When you choose Incfile, all you need to do is select the entity you want and the state where you’ll be conducting business.

From there, we’ll ask for your basic information (like name, address, phone number and email) so we can start the process for you. If you have any questions (whether you should choose an LLC or S Corp, for example), just contact us and we’ll help you with that, too.

Privacy and Security

It can be scary giving your name and contact information to an online company, but we promise not to sell your information. Additionally, we don’t store sensitive data like credit card information or social security numbers, so you don’t have to worry about our network getting hacked and your identity being compromised.

Online Document Storage

Let’s say you move offices and can’t find your incorporation documents. Don’t worry about it! We keep all of your documents digitally so you’ll always have a backup copy.

Lifetime Company Alerts

Our packages also include lifetime notification alerts for important filing dates regarding your entity (as long as we have your current email address). We’ll let you know when an annual report or franchise tax report is due so you can avoid penalties for missing important filing dates.

The Bottom Line

The legal side of managing your company can be confusing and labor intensive. This can leave you worried about whether or not you submitted all the right forms and if you filled them out correctly. You probably want to start conducting business as soon as possible, so it is crucial to get these first steps done correctly.

Our business formation packages include a lifetime of customer support, online access to your incorporation documents and your first year of registered agent service for free. Check out Incfile’s online business formation packages — starting at just $0 + state fees — to form your business entity today. We’ll take care of the entity formation process so you can focus on following your dream to create your own business. We’re ready to help you with this first step toward your amazing future!


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