What is the Cancellation Policy of IncFile?


What is the Cancellation Policy of IncFile?

​What Is the Cancellation Policy of Incfile?

At Incfile, we're proud of what we do and we're confident in the services we offer. However, we know that things happen, and circumstances can arise that cause you to want to cancel filing your business entity. Maybe you changed your mind and want to choose a different entity type, or you reconsidered and want to hold off starting your business until a later date. Whatever your situation may be, here are our cancellation policies and ways to update your legal documents as your business evolves.

Cancelling an Order

We know our clients want to start doing business as soon as possible, so we complete and file their forms almost immediately. We typically forward your filing and payment to the state within 24 hours after your order is placed.

Your order is refundable until payment is forwarded to the state, less a $30.00 cancellation fee and any expenses that have been paid or incurred in furtherance of your order with any entities (including state agencies or third party vendors). Once payment has been forwarded to the state, we cannot accept any cancellations or changes to the state filing.

If you have placed an order and would like to cancel it or make any other changes, send an email to support@incfile.com. Instructions to cancel an order or any other changes cannot be accepted by telephone.

Once the order has been submitted to your state for filing, Incfile is unable to amend the order in any way. However, you may have a small window to stop the processing of your paperwork. For example, the state of California gives a 15-day grace period to file a short-term dissolution once the company is active with the state. In a situation like this, Incfile cannot file the cancellation on behalf of our clients.

​What Is the Cancellation Policy of Incfile?


Now let's say several months (or years) have passed since you filed your entity, and you need to change some things that were in your original paperwork. As a start up, it's inevitable that your business will grow and evolve with time. In this case, you don't have to place a new order. But you may need to file an amendment to inform your secretary of state of certain crucial changes that you are making. This includes changes that happen if:

  • You decide to change the company name
  • There are updates to the registered agent's contact information
  • You move and there is a new company business address
  • The director or member information has changed
  • you've decided to go in a different direction concerning your business activities

Incfile can help you to fill out and file your amendments for just $99 plus state filing fees. This low price is worth the peace of mind knowing that these important legal documents are completed and submitted correctly and promptly.

Business Dissolution

Retirement, unrealized expectations and other life changes can mean it's not possible to keep your business running any longer. To prevent responsibility for future taxes and other legal obligations, you'll need to file paperwork with your secretary of state and the IRS to inform them that your LLC will no longer be conducting business. Here's how that process works:

  • Check your Articles of Incorporation (if you're an LLC) or your Articles of Organization (for S Corps or C Corps) to see if you have a dissolution clause that will help guide you through this process. Many times this will state how assets will be distributed and include other terms to ensure all members or shareholders are represented.
  • If you have an S Corp or C Corp, arrange a meeting with Board of Directors. Create documentation to distribute to shareholders showing that a majority of the vote was in favor of dissolving the company. If you are an LLC, meet with the other members to discuss this process.
  • Next, you'll need to file Articles of Dissolution with the state in which you registered your entity. This paperwork must be filled out and signed by your Registered Agent. But don't worry: Incfile's legal experts can help you create your Articles of Dissolution so you can focus on the other important matters involved with closing your business.
  • Finally, notify the IRS that you will no longer be conducting business. At this time, you'll be required to pay any owed taxes or fees.

I know that these sound like complicated procedures, but remember that Incfile is always available to help you. We know that starting, changing and ending a company are all huge decisions, and we want to make the legal filings as pain-free as possible. Our experts are here to support you on every step of this journey.

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