Celebrating Black History Month: Top 20 Black-Owned Businesses You Can Support Today

Celebrating Black History Month: Top 20 Black-Owned Businesses You Can Support Today

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February is Black History Month, making it a great time to recognize African Americans in U.S. history and celebrate their achievements, particularly in the area of business. Black-owned businesses have improved America through entrepreneurship, and their dedication to business ownership can serve as inspiration to start your own.

Black-owned businesses face various economic, market, institutional and sociological barriers that are unjustly linked to racial discrimination. It has been shown that black Americans haven’t been able to reap the same benefits as white Americans. For example, only 5 percent of black Americans own a business, compared to 15 percent of white Americans.

Additionally, the events of the last year have affected black-owned businesses disproportionately. According to a report by the New York Fed, nearly 50 percent of black-owned businesses had shut down by the end of April 2020. The data indicates that the number of overall active businesses fell by 22 percent from February to April 2020, with black-owned businesses seeing a drop of 41 percent.

Top 20 List of Black-Owned Businesses

With so many amazing black-owned businesses, we want to showcase some of the top businesses you can support.

Below is a list of our top 20 black-owned businesses in the U.S. Feel free to support them and their contribution to the business world.

Zandra Beauty

Zandra Beauty was founded by Zandra Cunningham in 2010. It is an all-natural skincare company that educates and empowers women across the globe. Zandra Beauty donates up to 10 percent of every purchase in order to support girls’ education.

Partake Foods

Founded by Denise Woodard, Partake is a snack food company. It donates 10 percent of the total website sales to the Food Equality Initiative. Denise helps raise awareness about black and female entrepreneurship and increases the opportunity for those seeking growth in the food industry.

McBride Sisters

McBride Sisters was founded by Robin and Andréa. It is the largest African American-owned wine company in the U.S., and they work hard to make their company “inclusive, accessible, socially aware and sustainable.” Their wines ship to approximately 31 states.

Red Bay Coffee

Founded by Keba Konte in 2014, Red Bay Coffee is a coffee company that produces great-tasting, sustainable coffee and that promotes diversity. The company seeks to hire those “who have traditionally been left out of the specialty coffee industry, especially people of color, the formerly incarcerated, women and people with disabilities.”

Pyer Moss

Pyer Moss was founded in 2013 by designer Kerby Jean Raymond. He consistently speaks about the black experience through his platform. The label is available in online shops as well as high-end luxury retailers.


Outlet.fyi is a New York-based multicultural media and marketing company founded by Khalid Livingston. It helps to connect people to experiences produced by artists and cultural institutions.

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Kutula, which means “to leap forward,” is run by LA-based sisters Bo and Kay Anuluoha. They are second-generation owners, with the company having been started by their parents in 1971. The brand specializes in authentic African fashion.


Founded by Toby and Dumebi Egbuna, Chezie is a career insight platform that is designed to help people find jobs. It has a mission to “redesign workplace diversity, equity and inclusion to ultimately help minorities find companies that they love.”


Golde is a Brooklyn-based company founded by Trinity Mouzon that is focused on manufacturing superfoods essential for health and beauty.


Clare was founded by Nicole Gibbons, an interior designer, to offer an easy and convenient way to shop for paints. Focused on making shopping easier, Clare gets designer-curated, mess-free and premium paints delivered to doorsteps.

Fe Noel

Founded by Felisha Noel, Fe Noel is a Brooklyn-based womenswear brand. The brand is inspired by her close-knit family and Caribbean heritage. She also helps young, passionate women who aspire to start a business.

Six One Agency

Six One Agency was founded by Kilee Hughes with a goal to create customized programs for clients through PR, content strategy, social media, brand marketing and more. The agency specializes in beauty, wellness and lifestyle.


Founded by the brother and sister duo Jen and Jeff Martin in 2012, Pipcorn is revolutionizing the traditional corn snacks. The company is a women-owned, minority-owned family business. Its products are made with ingredients that are simple, whole grain and gluten-free.


Briogeo was founded by Nancy Twine. It is a hair care brand that offers high-performance natural hair care products that provide visible results.

The Honey Pot Co.

The Honey Pot Co. is a million-dollar company founded by Beatrice Dixon. It is a natural feminine care product brand that offers a wide range of products like natural washes, wipes, pads, etc. The products are sold online at platforms like Walmart and Target.


Founded by Lesley Thornton, KLUR is a skincare line formulated for diverse skin conditions. It is an independent, self-funded and women-owned company.


Castamira is a luxury swim brand founded by Chantel Davis. The brand focuses on enhancing the beauty and sexuality of the body that accentuates women’s most alluring features. It uses eco-friendly fibers and green packaging to save the environment.

Claude Home

Founded by Maggie Foster, Claude Home is a vintage home decor brand. Maggie started Claude Home when she was 23 years old by turning her Instagram hobby into a full-time business.

K’dara CBD

K’dara CBD is a health and wellness brand founded by Katrina Thompkins. The brand offers high-quality products ranging from oils and edibles to bath bombs.

L.Woods PR

L.Woods PR is a company based in LA. It is a luxury boutique PR company owned by Darlyn-Feythe Valentine that specializes in fine jewelry.

These businesses are a diverse mix of industries, offering a variety of services and products. A few have even launched various programs to support black-owned businesses. A little support from everyone can help in growing and supporting these small businesses during Black History Month and beyond.