Tech startups to bloom in Boston in 2011

As economic forecasts begin to look up for 2011, an increasing number of entrepreneurs across the country are considering forming a company, and according to one source, there may be no better place to do so than in New England.

While California, especially Silicon Valley, and increasingly New York have been considered hubs of innovation for technology startups, the Boston Globe predicts that this sector will soar in New England during the new year.

Big companies, such as Google and IBM, will continue shopping in New England, spurring angel investors and venture capitalists to invest in promising new ventures. As just one example of how New England startups are growing, the Cambridge Innovation Center has leased more than 60 offices in the space to startups since last September.

Tim Rowe, the center’s chief executive, offered some reasons for growth in the tech sector.

“Innovation is spreading across a variety of fields, from alternative energy to mobile phones to life sciences. Meanwhile, a still difficult job market is pushing would-be entrepreneurs – particularly recent college graduates – to give their startup ideas a try,” the Globe writes.

But as the number of tech startups and businesses filing an LLC grows, so too will competition. CNN Money writes that in an increasingly crowded market, visibility and networking will be key.

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