Small businesses risking their secure information.

Small businesses risking their secure information.

Small businesses are exposing their important data to security risks, according to the most recent survey from Lenovo-AMD.

The small business survey, which reached out to 700 entrepreneurs, identified trends and security measures taken to guard against threats. The data revealed that a high number of small businesses use unsecured networks from neighboring internet connections and save critical data on thumbs drives.

The amount of work completed through mobile devices has also increased exposure to threats, the survey indicates.

Entrepreneurs with few employees reported that their business-on-the-go mentality has forced them to use mobile devices on unprotected networks. Among mobile devices used on such networks, smartphones (31 percent) and laptops (38 percent) were used the most. Additionally, 85 percent of respondents said they do work out of the office and 72 percent work while on vacation.

“What struck me about this survey is that it is very behavioral,” said Jay McBain, director of small and medium business for Lenovo.

Business owners are also lapsing in securely backing up data. Forty percent of respondents use external hard drivers to store information, while 50 percent use thumb drives or CD/DVDs. Only 13 percent said they use cloud computing to store data.