Richard Branson lauds value of mentors for entrepreneurs

Many companies offer mentoring programs to help younger employees develop their skills. Entrepreneurs can benefit from the same guidance, Richard Branson recently emphasized in a column.

Entrepreneur magazine ran a column written by Richard Branson in which tears down the image of entrepeneurs as one person who can succeed without help.

“People tend to think of entrepreneurs as lone heroes, but this isn’t how it works in real life. Many live up to their reputation as risk-takers and some remain outsiders, but despite this outlier status, entrepreneurs need support to be successful,” writes Branson.

Noting that small businesses help drive the U.S. economy, entrepreneurs need to have the courage to try again in the event of setbacks or closures. Mentors who have experienced the troubles that small business owners face can provide much needed encouragement and support.

The importance of mentoring led the established business owner to open the Branson School of Entrepreneurship in Johannesburg, South Africa. Virgin Unite and the CIDA City Campus partnered to open the school in 2005, which now serves as a center for entrepreneurs to learn from one another.

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