Receptionists are the Workplace Gurus at LLCs

Receptionists are the Workplace Gurus at LLCs

Choosing the right receptionist can be critical for entrepreneurs forming an LLC, as the person covering the front desk and answering phones often knows helpful details about the business and acts as a conduit to employees.

While tracking data sheets can help identify the top performer at a business based on numbers, a perceptive receptionist who answers the phones will know who customers are asking for the most, according to Inc. Magazine. And the person most sought out by clients is a valuable resource.

“They’re probably the ones doing the best job of seeking business,” says experienced receptionist Blanche Cribbs. “That’s the person you need to use to train the rest of the people in your organization to bring people into the company.”

Additionally, many front-desk employees become a sort of “office psychologist,” says Cribbs, and have a good feel for employee morale and what issues are being talked about.

Maintaining good employee morale and job satisfaction are major factors in employee turnover, productivity and even the quality of customer service provided. The department store Sears discovered a direct relation between an increase in job satisfaction and improved customer service.