Poll: 57% Sneak in Downtime at Work By Going to Lunch


Poll: 57% Sneak in Downtime at Work By Going to Lunch

Answering emails, taking calls, and jumping from meeting to meeting for nine hours straight at work can be exhausting. Breaking up your workday with a personal activity makes the day go by quicker, adds much-needed relief and can also increase your productivity.

But sometimes it can be challenging to even find enough time within your day to go to the bathroom or eat lunch. Especially working for or running a small business, we know you'll probably be skipping meals, staying late and arriving early.

However, there's something to be said for spending a little quality downtime during the work day — and getting out of your desk chair. We were curious about how our Twitter followers like to spend their downtime during work when they can sneak away for a second.

So on August 20, 2018, we asked our followers the below question:

Poll: 57% Sneak in Downtime at Work By Going to Lunch

The poll results show that 57 percent of respondents say they go out for lunch to sneak in some downtime during work, while 29 percent opt to take a walk or another little exercise break. Just 14 percent voted for leaving the office early at least once a week. And fortunately, we had no respondents vote for our “Nothing...HELP!” option.

Going out for lunch is an easy way to break up your work day and feed yourself — it’s a win-win! Walking or taking a little exercise break is a healthy way to get moving midday and come back to your desk refreshed and energized. Adding these simple things into your workday can help you increase your productivity and have a more positive work experience overall.

For more ideas, we rounded up our top blog posts to help you overcome this big small business challenge. Give these a read today for some more work-life balance and productivity hacks:

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