Personalities a management team needs

Personalities a management team needs

As an entrepreneur gets ready to file an LLC, it is important to ensure that the company has a strong management team. There are key qualities that a management team should have, and small business owners should try to pick people who have the skills they lack themselves.

Paul Maritz, the president and CEO of the software firm VMware, told the New York Times what he considers the four personalities that successful management teams should have. A strong team needs a strategist, a champion of the customer, a good task manager and an enforcer, he said.

Most individuals do not posses more than one or two of these traits, posits Maritz, making it necessary to build a team that brings all of these elements together. It is important that the leaders are aware of what their strengths are and that they don’t try to operate outside of their roles.

When hiring for any position, Maritz encourages business owners to look for candidates with the intellectual capacity to do the job, who also have a record of getting things done and who are self-aware and thoughtful.

In The Wall Street Journal Guide to Management, Alan Murray reminds entrepreneurs that different situations require different styles of leadership. For example, company leaders need to become visionaries when an organization needs new direction. But, if employees need to improve their performance, the leadership should take on a coaching style.