Nebraska Scam directed at New Business Owners

Sec. Gale clarifies source of mailing to businesses LINCOLN – A mailing sent to certain business entities across the state is causing some confusion. Secretary of State John Gale says he is making it clear — the notice did not come from his office and is instead, from a private company.

Gale noted that his office has received a number of calls in recent weeks with regard to the solicitation as well as a few emails from concerned business owners and attorneys. The mailing, from the Nebraska Council for Corporations requests $125 dollars from business entities in exchange for “preparation of documents to satisfy the annual corporation records for your corporation.” The mailing explains, “This does not fulfill the Nebraska biennial report filing requirement.” Gale agrees. Gale went on to explain that notices will be mailed to required business entities shortly after January 1, but not prior.

Only notices containing his name and title, along with the state seal should be considered official correspondence from the Secretary of State’s office. In 2016, domestic and foreign corporations are required to file their reports as well as limited liability partnerships (LLPs). Those reports will be accepted starting January 2. Gale further noted that, “While some of the information requested in the mailing is information that we also need from business entities to update their records, this letter is not from the Secretary of State’s office and responding to it in no way From the Office of Secretary of State John A. Gale fulfills the obligation related to filing annual and biennial reports with the Business Services Division.” Gale said that his office makes filing annual and biennial forms an easy, online process; one that more and more business entities are using.

Starting on December 1, his office will have an informational message posted on the front page of the Secretary of State’s website (, reminding business entities of the deadlines. Then when the filing period opens in January, users will be able to click on the links posted on our website to access the appropriate online filings and forms

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