More small business owners vie for Congress seats

More small business owners vie for Congress seats

It seems that those involved in small businesses across the country aren’t content with juststarting an LLC or forming a company. Some are looking to also start a career in government.

The National Federation of Independent Business interviewed more than 200 candidates and found that the next Congress and state legislatures could have more small business owners than ever before. More than half of the candidates for Congress this year are small business owners or have some direct tie to small business.

Dan Danner, NFIB’s president and CEO, told Portfolio.com that many small business owners have been frustrated by policies from Washington and, as a result, think they have to run for office in order to protect their businesses, their livelihood and their futures.

The NFIB expects Congress to extend all the tax cuts for a year or two, but the federal deficit, which totaled $1.3 trillion in fiscal 2010, is “kind of personal” for small business owners, according to Danner.

Jennifer Duffy, senior editor for the Cook Political Report, told CNN that she sees that small business owners are disheartened.

“They don’t feel like Congress, specifically, and the government, generally, gets what they need, especially in a difficult economy,’ Duffy said.