Kansas Secretary Of State Issues Fraud Alert

The Kansas Secretary of State’s Office has identified a criminal scam that can potentially impact your business and Kansas Citizens. The perpetrators of this scam are filing reinstatements of forfeited business entities and revocations of business entity dissolutions with our office in order to assume the identity of credible businesses. After reinstating these business entities the perpetrators direct potential victims to the Kansas Secretary of State’s website in order to provide a false sense of legitimacy and longevity of their business
dealings. The majority of these fraudulent scams revolve around the false purchase of timeshares from unassuming owners who are then deceived into paying up-front costs for the sale of their property.

The information collected by the Kansas Secretary of State’s Office has been provided for public record by individuals submitting the filings. The Kansas Secretary of State’s Office does not endorse the authenticity, accuracy, or validity of the information so provided nor does the status of a business entity indicate the honesty or credibility of that business entity. The designation of “good standing” merely confirms that reports have been filed and fees have been paid. Businesses are encouraged to review the information about their business with our office periodically to make sure it is up to date. Those who rely on this information may want to follow up with additional research to verify the data.

A great way to stay informed about the status of your business is to file your annual report electronically. By filing your report electronically you will automatically be notified of any changes to the status of your business which is a feature reserved solely for those who file online. We encourage you to utilize the Kansas Secretary of State’s website to ensure your business won’t be compromised.

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