When & Why Would You Use Incfile’s Business License Research Package Service?

When & Why Would You Use Incfile’s Business License Research Package Service?

When & Why Would You Use Incfile's Business License Research Package Service?

Starting a business is sometimes as simple as forming an LLC, but some types of businesses require more than just a corporate entity: they require a business license or relevant business permits. If your company needs a business license, you might need a more complex level of assistance to comply with various local, state and federal laws and regulations.

But how do you know when your business needs a business license? This is where Incfile’s Business License Research Package service can help. Depending on the type of business you have and the state and local municipality where you do business, there are several complicated situations where you might need help identifying any relevant business licenses and permits that are applicable to your business.

Here are a few examples of the kinds of businesses and situations that might benefit from the Incfile Business License Research Package:

High Liability

Some businesses require a business license because they are in a highly regulated industry that has high liability. Some examples include serving alcohol at a bar or restaurant — getting a liquor license is a common type of business license in many states and cities. Others include selling firearms or running a fishing/hunting business.

Federal Regulations

If your business’s activities fall under the regulatory oversight of a federal agency, you will need a federal business license or permit. For example, according to the Small Business Administration, importers of animals, animal products, biologics, and biotechnology need to have a license from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Transportation and logistics companies (such as trucking companies) that need to operate large vehicles can get help from the U.S. Department of Transportation to be connected with the appropriate state office for state-level permits.

Zoning Restrictions

Some cities require certain types of businesses to be located in specific areas of the city that are designated by local zoning laws. For example, some cities do not allow bars or pubs to be located within a certain distance of schools.

Other cities have more specific zoning requirements. In these situations, getting a business license or permit is part of the process of making sure that your business is operating legally and in the right place.

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Home-Based Businesses

Even if you have a home-based business, you still might need to get a business license. Some businesses are not allowed to be operated out of a home, and others require special regulatory compliance such as health and safety inspections.

For example, running a barber shop, beauty salon, catering business or bakery out of your home may not be allowed in many cities. If it is allowed, you might be limited to a certain volume of production before being required to use a commercial kitchen space or rent a chair at a salon. Our Business License Research Package can help you find out what the rules are for your local state/municipal requirements.

Building New Structures

If your business needs to build a new structure to expand operations or open a new location, this typically requires a business license or city permit. Depending on your city, the permitting process can be especially complex and costly, so it helps to know in advance what you’ll need to navigate.

Upgrading Exteriors

If you want to add street parking or put up an exterior sign for your business location, this often requires special permits or business licenses from the city as well.

Handling Taxes

Business licenses don’t just give your business permission to operate; they make it possible for your business to properly collect and pay taxes. For example, some types of business licenses include the sales tax license and withholding tax registration. If you have employees or are required to collect sales tax on the products or services you sell, you probably need a business license.

The Bottom Line

In addition to these specific situations, getting a business license is often a necessary step for businesses in general, because the business license gives you the ability to legally operate your business in compliance with all necessary state and local laws. Having a business license and any necessary permits is part of the overall process of upholding standards for ethical, safe business operations — it shows that you’re a legitimate business that cares about being part of the community and that you follow the laws and relevant business regulations.

However, even if you are fully committed to being a responsible corporate citizen and paying all the necessary fees for your business licenses, it can often be complicated and difficult to find out exactly which business licenses and permits are needed for your company.

This is where the Incfile Business License Research Package can help. We take the guesswork out of finding the necessary business licenses for your company — we’ll work to help identify the necessary business licenses and permits that you need based on your industry and type of business, as well as the states and locations where your business operates.

What You Get

When you order a Business License Research Package, you get:

  • A full listing of business licenses, permits and tax registrations that may be required for your company, based on the state/city location that you indicated.
  • Delivery within three business days. If there are special circumstances that require more time to compile your Business License Research Package, you will be notified in advance.
  • Application forms and filing instructions for all necessary business licenses, permits and tax registrations. From there, you can use the package as a “do it yourself” kit to get your business fully licensed and registered.

The Business License Research Package helps you save time and achieve better peace of mind in finding out which business licenses, permits and tax registrations (specific to your location) may be required for your company. Once you get the listing, you will have a full set of forms and filing information needed to get registered.

Ready to move forward with getting your business license and other necessary permits? The Incfile Business License Research Package can help! Start today.