SOTM - TechNotch Solutions: Empowering Women in the Tech Space and Inspiring Tech Solutions


SOTM - TechNotch Solutions: Empowering Women in the Tech Space and Inspiring Tech Solutions

TechNotch Solutions

Incfile’s March Business of the Month is TechNotch Solutions, a female-founded company that helps solve interesting business problems using Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning to deliver the solutions companies need to achieve sustainable results. Since March is Women’s History Month, we want to celebrate the strides women have made in contemporary society by highlighting this female-founded tech company.

Swathi Young is the founder of TechNotch Solutions, which offers a unique value proposition in the tech space. Swathi designed her company out of a need to create meaningful products and services that provide value to the business world.

Swathi Young

“As a woman technology leader, my strength lies in 1. mentoring team members to create their best and fulfilling work and 2. creating technology solutions that enable businesses,” Young said.

Young regularly consults with multi-million dollar companies; she notes that these projects are amazing because businesses of this size are often extremely streamlined in their processes. Young sees opportunity in these projects, since they provide the means to grow her business and are large enough to experiment with various opportunities.

Challenges of Starting a Business

Despite all the amazing opportunities Young's work has afforded, there have of course been challenges along the way. Young’s three hardest challenges have been finding her business model, securing sustainable revenue and managing time.

She notes that finding your business model can be the toughest one, since you'll have to start with a hypothesis and experiment around it. Young began by offering technology strategy around digital transformation services, pivoting to product management services before finally settling on artificial intelligence strategy and solutions.

As for the second challenge, Young's advice is to understand your target market, amp up your marketing efforts, and finally partner with similar businesses to help secure sustainable revenue. And for managing time? Prioritizing ruthlessly is the way to go.

When it comes to advice she would offer new small business owners and founders, Young offers up the following nuggets:

  • Speak to many business owners who have started a business in the last 2-3 years to get an idea. Often, speaking to seasoned entrepreneurs doesn't yield relevant information for starting a business.
  • Finding a mentor is another must-do; find a good mentor quickly by going to your local SCORE chapter.
  • Think about who would be responsible for sales. If you are not a salesperson, finding a co-founder who is into sales would be great.

Inspired by Swathi Young’s story and her company TechNotch Solutions? Learn more about how you can start your own business with Incfile today. We can help you can quickly and easily form your business for as little as $0 plus state fees.

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