How to Use the Incfile Corporate Kit


How to Use the Incfile Corporate Kit

What Is a Corporate Kit and How Is It used?

When you form your business through Incfile, you have the option of getting a Corporate Kit for your limited liability company or corporation. The Corporate Kit is automatically included with our Gold and Platinum formation packages and can be purchased for a $99 fee with our Silver package.

It’s worth exploring what the Corporate Kit is, what’s included, how you can use it and how you can get one.

What Is a Corporate Kit?

The Incfile Corporate Kit is a collection of forms, papers and other items that makes it easier for you to create and manage your LLC or corporation. The Incfile Corporate Kit is beautifully produced and personalized for your new business.

What’s Included in the Incfile Corporate Kit?

We have two types of Corporate Kits — a “Gold” kit that comes with our Gold package for forming your business, and a “Platinum” kit that comes with our Platinum package. You can also decide to purchase the Gold kit when you use our Silver formation service for an extra fee of $99.

The Gold kit has a value of $99 and the Platinum kit has a value of $149.

Here’s what you can expect to receive when you order a Corporate Kit from us.

The Gold and Platinum kits include:

  • A binder and slipcase, personalized with your business name
  • 20 certificates for LLC members or corporate stockholders
  • Corporate forms and documents, including formation papers
  • A transfer ledger
  • Tabbed, Mylar separators to keep everything organized

The Platinum kit also includes:

  • A company seal and embosser for embossing your important documents
  • A box case for your important documents that you can display in your office

What Is Each Part of the Corporate Kit Used For?

Here’s how to use each item in the kit.

Personalized Corporate Binder

This is a three-ring binder that collects together your important corporate information. You can use it to hold:

  • Corporate bylaws
  • LLC operating agreements
  • Copies of your articles of organization or incorporation
  • Meeting minutes
  • Other important and formal documents

The folder is made with heavy materials for extra durability and long life. This includes mechanisms with double opening and closing boosters that allow pages to lie flat and turn easily. The Mylar tabs integrate into the binder to make it easy and quick to find the information you’re looking for.

Certificates for LLC Members or Corporate Stockholders

These certificates formalize the ownership of your business. For example, if you have three managers or members in an LLC, you can issue each person a member certificate. If you have 10 corporate stockholders, you can indicate how much stock each person owns using these documents.

Each security certificate is numbered and includes your company name and state of incorporation. The documents are printed on the finest security paper available.

Corporate Forms and Documents

If you have formed a corporation, we’ll include copies of corporate bylaws for you. If you have formed an LLC, we will include a standard operating agreement that you can use.

Transfer Ledger

A transfer ledger is used to capture and record a business’s movement of stock between stockholders or changes to the ownership of your business. It records important details about any time-shares that are purchased, issues, sold or transferred.

Corporate Box Case

The Platinum Corporate Kit includes a sturdy box case that will hold the slipcase and your binder. You can display this in your office and keep everything important in one place.

Company Seal and Embosser

The Platinum kit also includes a specialized, personalized, 1 5/8 inch metal die-cast company seal for your business. This comes with an embosser that allows you to add your seal to important business documents. We’ll include your company name, state of formation and date of formation.

Although you’re not legally required to have a corporate seal, some jurisdictions or agencies may require you to emboss documents. Check with your secretary of state to see when you might need a company seal.

Forming a business is an exciting time for any entrepreneur. Enjoy a beautiful way to present your business and stay organized with one of our Corporate Kits.

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