How to secure email without encryption


As entrepreneurs get ready to file as an LLC and start a corporation, they exchange numerous emails that contain sensitive company information, from tax forms to human resources data. It is important for small business owners to take the time to secure their email.

Many large corporations encrypt their emails, but encryption is very expensive and difficult to implement. There are simpler web-based options that smaller businesses can leverage.

Jonathan Blum of Entrepreneur magazine suggests PGP Desktop Email, offered by Symantec, for small companies that are able to spend a little extra on email security.

Hushmail is a much cheaper and simpler option, but does not provide as much security as PGP. An option that offers high security for a low price is JumbleMe. However, both parties of e-mail communication need to keep track of passwords and depending on the configuration, business owners might end up with an odd-sounding email address, cautions Blum.

If a company has information that needs the highest level of protection available, Djigzo Open Source Email Encryption will maintain security. The service is free and reliable, says Blum, but requires a complicated technology configuration, which results in a long installation process.

Earlier this year Djigzo announced that it had created a gateway that can be configured with Blackberries, providing added functionality in an era where smartphones are increasingly vital to business communications.

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