Home-based businesses growing in California

Cities in California’s Bay Area are seeing a sharp rise in the number of entrepreneurs looking to form an LLC or other home-based small business in the area, the Contra Costa Times reports.

The paper says that the city of Antioch has seen a 37-percent increase in home business licenses compared to last year. Pittsburg, California, has seen its number of home-based companies grow more than 48 percent since 2006.

As those businesses continue to grow, local officials are also working to help them expand. The city of Brentwood has signed long-term leases with commercial landlords with vacant or underused property, making any necessary improvements and then marketing the storefronts to small businesses. Companies must eventually pay back the city’s investment, but this can be done over time instead of adding to the business’ startup costs.

Officials have also paid for business consultants to give entrepreneurs looking to form a company free or low-cost advice.

While home businesses start off small, they don’t have to stay that way. Many companies, such as Hershey and Google, started out as home-based companies. Furthermore, business.gov reports that more than half of all small businesses currently operating are home-based businesses.

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