Hiring a strong team

Leading a new company presents entrepreneurs who have just started a corporation with the task of handing over some responsibilities without falling into trap of micromanaging.

Relinquishing some of the burden to a set of new employees is always easier if business owners have the “right” people working for them. Hiring the best employees gets easier if entrepreneurs are disciplined and follow a set of guidelines, but the risk of making the wrong decision is never completely eliminated.

Terry Starbucker, a service company executive, recently offered entrepreneurs hiring advice on his blog. Starbucker has developed three basic hiring rules. First, business owners should never be afraid to hire someone smarter than they are. Often the personalities attracted to leading a startup are used to being in control, but hiring someone more talented can provide invaluable support.

Next, it is important to have a team of employees who are willing to express their opinions intelligently and respectfully, writes Starbucker. Having a lot of “yes people” is not going to help the business grow.

Finally, people who set high goals and standards and are willing to admit when they won’t be able to make them are vital. Starbucker refers to this type of worker as the self-regulator. They are not afraid to convey bad news that needs to be shared.

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