Healthcare reform might make this a prime moment to start a corporation

In 2009, more than half of Americans were dissatisfied with their jobs. According to a report from the Conference Board, last year saw the lowest level of job satisfaction among U.S. workers in the 22 years of studying the issue.

Blogging Stocks suggests that Americans have been trapped in a condition called “job lock” for the past several years – primarily because of healthcare coverage. Fearful of losing benefits for themselves and dependents, the source says workers have been forced to stay in often dissatisfying jobs.

Moreover, entrepreneurial pursuits may have been put off because of the difficulty the self-employed faced in finding coverage.

Now, in light of the recent healthcare reform, business-minded individuals may find the time is right to leave an unfulfilling job and start the business they’ve always wanted.

The new U.S. health system makes health coverage easy to access and more affordable for self-employed workers, says the source. Forming a company might be a more appealing option with the healthcare risk reduced.

Prospective new business owners can reduce other risks affiliated with starting a company through business incorporation. Incorporating a business can offer entrepreneurs protection of personal assets and the corporate veil can protect them against lawsuits.ADNFCR-3052-ID-19714265-ADNFCR

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