Google My Business: What It Is and How Incfile Can Get You Verified for Free


Google My Business: What It Is and How Incfile Can Get You Verified for Free

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Would you like to get better search results on Google, get more customers and make it easier for people to find your business? A free Google My Business listing can take your business to the next level. Incfile is now offering free setup of Google My Business listings for any Incfile customer who has incorporated their business with us.

Learn more about Google My Business and how Incfile can help.

What Is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free tool from Google that helps small businesses get the most out of their business presence on Google. It makes it easier to be discovered and to connect with your customers. A Google My Business Profile can help you get found by new customers and give you more ways to engage with them easily whenever they search for your business on Google.

Why Small Businesses Should Use Google My Business

Google is by far the most popular search engine in America; as of November 2020, Google had 87.69 percent of the U.S. search engine market share. If you want to get found by customers, you have to be findable on Google. Many small business owners already use Google search ads to bring in new customers and rank higher in search results. Google My Business is another great way to up your game on Google and make sure your customers can find you.

Google My Business also offers some impressive and helpful tools and features so you can get even more mileage out of your profile. It’s not just about plugging in your business name into a directory; it can help you be more strategic about how to spend time and resources on Google search engine marketing.

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Key features of Google My Business include:

  • Business Profile: This is a central presence for your business on Google, making it easier for your business to get quickly found and identified by customers on Google Search and Maps.
  • Multiple Contact Methods: Make it easier for customers to call you, click to your website, follow you on social media and more. Google My Business puts all of these easy-to-tap buttons in one place, giving customers a one-stop set of options for contacting your business.
  • Respond to Google Reviews: Customer reviews are becoming such an important part of everyday ecommerce and online marketing. People who are looking for your business will want to see favorable customer reviews. Google My Business makes it possible for you to reply to customer reviews under your business name.
  • Post Photos for Your Business: You can use your Google Business Profile to share photos of your business’s products or special deals and discounts.
  • Insights: Want to see results of your Google presence? Google My Business will give you an easy-to-read dashboard with clear, trackable engagement results and insights about how your business is performing. This includes the number of searches, views, calls, website clicks, direction requests and more.
  • Talk with Customers: You can engage with customers directly on Google My Business by interacting with them via the Customers tab.
  • Free Website Builder: Google is also offering a free business website builder, with special tools to help drive sales by making it easier for customers to call your business, message you, get a price quote, make a reservation and more. Having a professional website for your business is important to build credibility and attract customers. According to Google, 70 percent of consumers are more likely to buy from a business that has a website, compared to a business that does not.

These are all helpful features that can make a difference for your business. Google My Business can also be particularly important for local brick-and-mortar businesses like retailers or coffee shops or restaurants, where customers need to find your location and are searching on mobile devices. If you have a complete Business Profile set up, this will make it easier for local foot traffic to find you.

How Can Incfile Make Getting Your GMB Profile Easier?

When you register for a Google My Business Profile on your own, there are many steps to complete. You must gather your information, get a verification postcard in the mail, update your info and wait to get listed.

If you have already incorporated your business with us, we will help you set up your Business Profile and get started for free, so you can save time and make sure your business is more easily found on Google. By using Incfile to create your profile, you'll bypass the need to wait for a physical mail confirmation, meaning your profile can be up and running more quickly.

Registering your profile with Incfile also means you'll get a monthly email that tells you how your customers are searching for and finding your business, how they view your business on Google and any actions they take, such as visiting your website or calling you.

Want to know if you meet the requirements to utilize Incfile's free Google My Business registration service?

  • You must have a legally formed business via Incfile with your state's Secretary of State.
  • You must have ordered an EIN from Incfile with your business formation package.
  • You must have an actual street address, rather than a virtual address.
  • Your business isn't in the financial services or private equity & investment firm sectors.

Getting found by customers on Google, creating a professional business website and receiving insights from Google My Business can help lay the foundation for your small business marketing success.

We are happy to offer this free service to help our Incfile customers get more value out of their business formation packages. Incfile doesn’t just want you to start a business with us; we want to help your business thrive for years to come. Contact us to find out how to take advantage of our free Google My Business offering.

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