A Giant List of Self-Employment Business Ideas

Giant List of Self-Employment Business Ideas

Self-employment is still gaining steam as a trend among American workers. According to the Bureau of Labor, there were about 9.6 million self-employed workers in 2016 — and that number is projected to increase to 10.3 million by 2026. That’s a 7.9-percent growth rate (slightly faster than the 7.4-percent rate projected for all workers).

Technological advancements and platforms that demand gig workers have impacted the labor force and made it easier to become self-employed. Self-employed people are finding ways to pay their bills while being scrappy about scaling their business or services. They also are finding that they have more freedom and flexibility along with the ability to pursue their passion.

Whether you are considering joining this growing labor force as a full-time or part-time career path, now is a great time to start. Need some of the best self-employment jobs? We have got you covered.

Here is your giant list of self-employment business ideas:

  1. Start a blog
  2. Write an ebook
  3. Create an online course
  4. Start your own podcast
  5. Become a social media influencer
  6. Start a Youtube channel
  7. Sell your consulting or business services:
  8. Marketing
  9. Graphic design
  10. Accounting
  11. Web development and coding
  12. Social media management
  13. Virtual assistant
  14. Interior design
  15. Photography
  16. Proofreading and editing
  17. Copywriting
  18. Become a career coach
  19. Resell goods on Amazon
  20. Start your own Etsy shop
  21. Be a yoga or pilates instructor
  22. Become a public or motivational speaker
  23. Become a tutor:
  24. English (or another language; virtual or in-person)
  25. SAT/ACT prep
  26. Math (or other academic subject)
  27. Nanny or babysit children
  28. Work as a dog walker or pet sitter
  29. Become an Airbnb host (or use other home/vacation rental sites)
  30. Drive for Uber or Lyft
  31. Be a property manager for commercial/residential real estate
  32. Cater food or become a personal chef
  33. Sell on eBay
  34. Rent your car on Turo
  35. DJ parties and events
  36. Become a brand ambassador
  37. Work as a hairstylist
  38. Become a makeup artist
  39. Develop a mobile app
  40. Fill out online surveys
  41. Become a personal fitness trainer
  42. Work as an event coordinator or wedding planner
  43. Be a seamstress or tailor
  44. Clean houses
  45. Become a direct sales consultant:
  46. Pampered Chef
  47. Mary Kay
  48. Stella & Dot
  49. Avon
  50. Arbonne International
  51. doTERRA
  52. It Works
  53. Rodan + Fields
  54. Make and sell jewelry
  55. Own and operate a commercialized business:
  56. Clothing store
  57. Laundromat
  58. Restaurant
  59. Food truck
  60. Landscaping company
  61. Bar
  62. Coffee shop
  63. Work for a grocery or food delivery service
  64. Purchase and flip houses
  65. Start an e-commerce business
  66. Become an affiliate marketer
  67. Be an in-home massage therapist
  68. Invest in real estate
  69. Care for elderly or sick patients in their homes
  70. Repair computers or phones
  71. Become an independent person working in the arts:
  72. Artist
  73. Dancer
  74. Singer
  75. Actress
  76. Model
  77. Become a consultant
  78. Franchise a business
  79. Become a real estate agent
  80. Work as a travel agent
  81. Start a landscaping company

These more than 50 self-employed business ideas are simply inspiration — a starting point for you to evaluate the best route for you based on your skill set, goals and budget. Maybe your business is a combination of three or 10 of those ideas above.

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Lisa Crocco

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