Finding the first client

After filing an LLC, a startup is then faced with the task of finding clients. There is no “right” way to go about it, but trying a variety of different approaches will increase the company’s chances for success.

In a Wall Street Journal article, Sarah Needleman collected advice from entrepreneurs and academics on how to snag those first few clients. Depending on which sector an entrepreneur’s new venture caters to, the best way to reach initial clients could vary from traditional networking to establishing a presence on Twitter.

There are some paths that are better suited to certain fields. For example, a service-oriented organization can attract new business by taking on a few pro-bono assignments and asking those clients for referrals. Making new connections by joining trade associations and small-business groups can also be helpful.

Focusing on a target audience will help narrow the scope of the search for new clients, which can increase the likelihood of catching someone’s interest. If the search is too general, companies run the risk of reaching no one.

To determine a company’s niche market, entrepreneurs should take time to select a target demographic and consider their needs and how the company can fill the gap, suggests Rhonda Abrams in a column for USA Today.

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