Finding a way into the media spotlight

Startups can utilize the media to gain free publicity. The trick is knowing how to market the company as a newsworthy topic.

Many small businesses manage to tap into a trending topic and end up on the couches of major national daytime shows such as Oprah or Good Morning America, notes Charlotte Jensen of Entrepreneur magazine. This exposure can open up innumerable opportunities to appeal to potential clients and receive additional funding – two elements that are crucial when forming a company.

Aaron Kwittken, founder of a public relations boutique agency, recommends that business owners look for ways to naturally incorporate the company's focus with current news in a contributing article for Entrepreneur.

A prominent example of a small business that was able to use the trend of corporate social responsibility to garner national media attention is TOMS Shoes, a shoe company that gives away one pair of shoes for every pair bought.

If a business can land one interview, it can use that exposure to open up doors for additional coverage. It is also good to go into interviews prepared with quotes and be aware of trending news topics.

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