What You Get with Incfile's Silver Package


What You Get with Incfile's Silver Package

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Starting a business can be overwhelming, especially if you're a first-timer and you don't know where to go for help. Don't stress, because you've got an expert guide in your corner.

If you're ready to start your business with confidence, then you need Incfile to assist you. Incfile makes it easy and quick for you to form and manage your business — and you'll always have someone ready to help.

Order Silver Package - $0 + State Fee

Since there are so many moving parts and time-consuming aspects to forming a business, Incfile keeps it simple. We offer several business formation packages for all entity types, but to figure out the best package for you, all you have to do is select your entity and the state where you want to form the company.

What Package Do You Recommend?

Our Silver Package is a great starting point for new businesses, whether you are forming a limited liability company (LLC), an S Corporation or a C Corporation.

The Silver Package is free to form your LLC, and it includes the creation, preparation and filing of all required legal paperwork on your behalf to properly form your new business entity. And you'll get full customer support, including live chat and phone.

State filing fees will range in cost depending on your formation state. For example, if your business entity is formed in Massachusetts, then the state fees are $520; fees for a business entity formed in Kentucky are only $40. This particular fee goes directly to your Secretary of State and is the fee each state charges to file a new business there.

Incfile's Silver Business formation package - Corporation, LLC

Want to get the most out of your new business and the biggest value in business formation? Upgrade to our Gold Package. Whatever you choose, you'll see why we have been trusted by over 800,000+ business owners since 2004. Start your $0 LLC with Incfile today.

Order Silver Package - $0 + State Fee
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