Everything You Get With Incfile’s Gold Package


Everything You Get With Incfile’s Gold Package

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Everything You Get with Incfile's Gold Package

When you're starting a new business, there are a million (or more) considerations you'll need to make. It's a high-stakes, high-stress time, and all you want is to be able to focus on launching and running your LLC or corporation.

Fortunately, you've got Incfile on your side. Our Gold Package is an all-in-one solution to your business formation needs. You get the ball rolling by signing up and answering a few questions, and then Incfile takes it from there.

Want to see How it Works? Check out the Incfile process.

Wondering why Incfile's Gold Package sets the gold standard in business formation? Let's explore everything you'll get when you sign up.

Order Gold Package - $199 + State Fee (Includes Free Registered Agent Service &  EIN)

Paperwork Completion and State Filing — All in One Easy Step

One-and-done business formation? It's possible. It's also easy and cost-effective with Incfile. For years, we've been the business formation partner you can trust to handle all the hassle and paperwork so you don't have to.

Forming your business with ease matters now more than ever, with business formation applications at an all-time high over the last couple of years.

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DIYing the formation process is possible, but with more applications, you can expect more paperwork, longer turnaround times, and major headaches. Get it all done at once, with the filing process our customers call "seamless" with services "all under one roof."

By answering a handful of simple questions, we'll be able to complete all your formation paperwork and file your LLC or corporation in your state immediately. When you choose our Gold Package, your Articles of Organization or Articles of Incorporation will be included, comprehensively filled out, and filed by our formation experts.

You'll be able to track your business status at all times. When your business is approved and officially formed, we'll make sure you're the first to know.

Convenient, Quality Registered Agent Service

Having a Registered Agent is a business necessity. In fact, you won't be able to file your Articles of Organization or Articles of Incorporation without designating one.

A Registered Agent is a person available to receive legal documents and communications on behalf of your business. The agent must be active in the state in which your business is formed and must be available during standard business hours.

While it may be tempting to serve as your own Registered Agent, it's not advised. Acting as your own agent can compromise your privacy and your ability to travel (whether for business or pleasure). Plus, you become the one responsible for managing, filing, and maintaining all that paperwork.

With our Gold Package, you'll get our Registered Agent service included, and you can rely on us to match you with a qualified Registered Agent in your state. Your Registered Agent will receive, scan, and copy all documents your business receives.

Best of all, you're in control. Once your Registered Agent has uploaded your documents, you can review them on your private online portal at your convenience. Never again will you have to search for a critical document gone astray.

Business Building Block: Your EIN or Tax ID Number

Before you can hire employees or open a business bank account, you'll need one of the most fundamental and foundational business assets you can acquire: an Employer Identification Number, or EIN.

Surprisingly, most business formation services don't include EINs as part of their packages, instead requiring you to add on this necessary service yourself.

At Incfile, we include your EIN in our Gold Package to get you up and running as quickly and as easily as possible. When you select the Gold Package, we'll obtain your EIN from the IRS on your behalf.

From there, you'll use your EIN almost like a Social Security number for your business, which is necessary when paying your employees, paying your taxes, or applying for business funding and bank accounts.

Incfile's Gold Package

Customized Operating Agreement

Having an operating agreement is critically important to the success of your LLC, especially if you have business partners or shareholders. Your operating agreement will outline how you will run your business and which business members are responsible for which duties.

Creating an operating agreement on your own can be challenging, especially if you don't know where to start. With the Incfile Gold Package, you'll have access to a lawyer-approved template to make the process swift and seamless.

Peace of Mind with Compliance Bylaws and Easy Minute Filing

While an operating agreement is a great first step toward business best practices for LLCs, corporations have their own requirements and regulations. Corporation owners will need to establish bylaws and file meeting minutes to remain compliant.

We'll provide you with a get-started guide outlining your corporate bylaws, with all the information and support you'll need to customize those bylaws to your business. We'll also provide you with a simple and easy way to record and organize your corporate meeting minutes, which is essential for formal business structures.

Cost-Saving, 30-Minute Tax Consultation

Here's something that's true: No one really enjoys taxes (except perhaps CPAs and accountants). But being educated on your business's tax structure, exemptions, and liabilities could help you save in the long run.

With the Incfile Gold Package, you'll receive a no-obligation tax consultation — a 30-minute one-on-one with a qualified business tax expert.

Our experts will help you understand the ins and outs of the IRS and the implications tax changes throughout the year can have on your business. They'll make suggestions and recommendations you can implement immediately to set yourself up for success when tax time rolls around.

Read up on how your 30-minute tax consultation will flow, and come prepared with all the information our tax expert will need to provide you with relief and support.

Why Choose Incfile? Other Benefits of Our Gold Package

We aim to cover the needs of our business owners, which is why your purchase of the Incfile Gold Package will also include:

  • Unlimited name availability searches
  • Unlimited phone and email support
  • Lifetime company alerts
  • Personal and private Incfile Dashboard
  • Incorporation documents online at a glance
  • A banking resolution that will authorize signatories on your business bank account
  • IRS Form 2553 to designate your LLC as an S Corp and potentially save on self-employment taxes
  • Electronic delivery of state filing documents

We also know every business — and every business owner — is unique, so additional services and support might be needed.

Fortunately, our plans are fully customizable, so you can add on exactly what you need, like:

  • Our extensive business contract template
  • A website domain and support with design
  • Accounting and bookkeeping services to keep your finances protected and your records in order
  • Business insurance to keep you and your business protected

Ultimately, you have a role in designing the right business formation package for your business. If you're still wondering if the Gold Package is the best option for you, check out our Silver Package and our full-service Platinum Package.

And in the meantime, here are some answers to your frequently asked questions to help you decide:

Is Incfile’s Gold Package Worth It?

We can tell you this — you won't find the value, support, and ease of use with any other business formation package or service. While our competitors sneak in subscription services or charge increasing fees and upgrades, we're committed to being completely transparent with our pricing. With Incfile, what you see is what you get. And what you get is quality, expert service unlike anything you'd get anywhere else...for the same price or more.

Is Incfile Worth It for an LLC?

Absolutely. We're one of the top online business formation services providers for LLCs. We know LLCs better than anyone else in the business, and we believe they're a great choice for most new business owners. An LLC will protect your personal assets and offer you the liability protection you need — all at a reasonable cost that gets you started doing business in no time.

Is Incfile Better Than ZenBusiness?

There are a lot of competitors out there, and we know that many of you have wondered if Incfile is a better business formation choice than ZenBusiness. You probably won't be surprised to hear that we absolutely, fully believe we are the best choice — but we also have the numbers to back up that claim.

Check out our Incfile vs. ZenBusiness comparison. You can adjust your choices based on the package you're most interested in to see what we offer (and what they don't).

Does Incfile Charge a Monthly Fee?

We do not charge a monthly fee, nor will we ever. Other formation services like to bundle their offerings into subscriptions or recurring fees, but we just aren't into that. Many competitors will also charge an increasing fee annually to keep your business compliant. We won't do that, either.

You pay a one-time, transparent fee ($199 Gold Package fee) plus your state fee to get your business formed and running, and then you can add on services you need from there. For example, you may choose to add our Annual Report service ($99, filed annually), but you'll never be pressured or bamboozled into doing so. Plus, if you ever have a question about a service or charge, our unlimited customer service ensures you can get an answer right away.

How Long Does Incfile Take to Process?

The actual formation process time will vary based on your state, but with the Incfile Gold Package, we'll get your paperwork filed within one business day, guaranteed. That gets you off to a great start, but if you want to move even faster, you can pay an additional fee for expedited state processing ($50).

On average, when you file with Incfile, your business should be approved, filed, and formed within a couple of weeks – but as soon as you've handed off all the paperwork to us, you're free to hit the ground running.


Ready to see the difference Incfile can make in the future of your business? Our formation services are trusted by over 1,000,000 business owners — don't you think it's time you join their ranks? Find out how you can go for the gold with Incfile's most popular business formation choice — our Gold Package — today.

Form Your LLC @ $0 + State Fee. Includes Free Registered Agent Service for a Full Year.
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