Duo lands $5 million to enhance wellness program startup

A pair of former Brown University Medical School students have found a creative way to blend healthcare, corporate programs and social media. Their innovative ideas have landed them $5 million in venture capital investments, Entrepreneur magazine writes.

The duo – Brad Weinberg and Rajiv Kumar – created a platform through which individuals and self-insuring companies that may or may not have been successful improving employee health, can use social media to exchange ideas, share tips and more.

The program, Shape Up the Nation, won numerous contests garnering seed money, but it was the initial acquisition of capital from Cue Ball, a Boston based VC firm, that allowed Weinberg and Kumar’s plan to take off.

Since 2007, the business has generated more than 100 partners, including CVS Caremark, the Cleveland Clinic and National Grid. The pair – who have backgrounds in medicine and economics – received $5 million from the Boston-based Excel Venture Management in August 2010.

“Our vision is that we can use this innovative approach to healthcare to unite the entire healthcare ecosystem,” Weinberg told Entrepreneur. “It can become the central point where health plans, hospitals, pharmacies, other wellness companies, disease management companies, even consumer products companies are all coming together to reach the end user.”

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