Does an Incfile Discount or Coupon Code Really Exist?

You may have read several articles advertising that they have an IncFile Coupon Code. But the truth is, an IncFile discount doesn’t actually exist.

IncFile passes the savings along to you by charging ⅓ the price of many of their competitors with pricing starting at just $49. This is the lowest-priced package in the industry.

Although the IncFile discount code doesn’t exist – you don’t really need it. LegalZoom, for instance, has a basic package that will incorporate a business for $149, which is $100 more than IncFile and doesn’t include the 1st full year of Registered Agent Service that IncFile provides with every package.

That’s more than $250 you’ll be saving with Incfile that can be put right back to work in your new business. Not to mention, you get Registered Agent service free of charge for a year to keep your business in compliance.

Even if you go to other incorporation services, you’ll still be paying more even if you have a coupon.

Here’s What You Get With IncFile for $49

With IncFile, you can incorporate your business at just $49, plus the state fees which vary depending on your state. Plus, for this price, you can get a lot of services to kickstart your business that you would normally have to pay extra for with other companies.

Here are the top six reasons why you’ll still be better off without an IncFile coupon code.

  1. Each of the three IncFile packages include Registered Agent service FREE for the first full year.
  2. IncFile gives you unlimited access to email and phone support to assist with any questions and concerns.
  3. A FREE 30-minute Business Tax Consultation is provided with every package.
  4. IncFile has an order tracking tool that will allow you to monitor the status of your order in real time. You can use it anytime of the day!
  5. Each order includes Next Day Processing. IncFile will conduct a name search, draft your articles and forward to the state for processing in just one business day. Even though the filing times vary per state – IncFile gets them over to the state in one business day, then mails your company formation documents upon the state’s completion.

Wrapping Up and Incorporating with IncFile

Unlike many other incorporation service providers, IncFile handles every step of the incorporation process within the company – rather than outsourcing it. As a result, they are able to completely control the incorporation process and make sure it’s done right.

Like I said before, even though an IncFile coupon doesn’t technically exist, the savings have already been factored in to save you time and money.

Here’s What Other Entrepreneurs Are Saying

“ I’ve got no complaints from my patronage with IncFile. I’ve formed two businesses through the website, one with the $49 package and one with the $249. They’re both worth the money based on what you get and the customer support is excellent.”

– Ruari C.

“ I couldn’t ask for a better bunch o’people than the team at It must have been blindingly obvious that they could oversell and tell me I needed this and that – but they actually talked me down from the Gold package saying that I didn’t need all of the features. When a salesman is trying to save you money and you’re prepared to give it to him, that earns trust!”

– Amelie M.

“I used your service in the fall of 2010. I had a tax question this morning and emailed your company. I not only received a response within a couple hours right in the middle of tax season, but copies of documents I needed as well. Plus all my follow up questions were immediately returned. Thank you SO much Lovette – you’re awesome! I highly recommend you guys.”

– George K.

“Gotta say, this has been the least painful purchase i have made online, and I’m really pleased with the INCFILE service and will recommend it to everyone that asks about setting up an LLC.”

– Clenton C.


Ryan James, guest contributor
Ryan is a passionate entrepreneur with a background in fitness and outsourcing. He founded Startup Savant and Startup University to simplify entrepreneurship for you and give back at the same time. In his free time he’ll be outside or on the search for a good cup of coffee. Get social with Ryan on Twitter!

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