Cyber theft protection

Cyber criminals often target small businesses, so entrepreneurs looking to start a corporation should be prepared to protect their company’s information.

Dennis Fisher, a security expert at Kaspersky Lab, told Business News Daily what business owners can do to protect bank account numbers and passwords from hackers. Fisher told the news source that “business owners are prime targets for attackers now, especially smaller businesses without trained security staff.”

It is important to turn on automatic updates for all operating systems, software programs and web browsers.

Limiting access to sensitive information is key. Administrator rights should only be given to a select group of employees that business owners trust. All others should be restricted to user rights only.

Designate one computer that is used for online banking and bill payment only. There should be not other web browsing or email on this system and only one or two people should be allowed to use it.

It is also important to protect archived emails. If the archived emails are stored on-site, business owners must ensure they are secure. Another option is to use a cloud-based archiving service, which can often be more affordable than maintaining the archive on-site.

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