Here's a Roundup of the Business Name Generators We've Found on the Web


Here's a Roundup of the Business Name Generators We've Found on the Web

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One of the most important steps to take when starting a business is deciding on the process of choosing a business name. Unless your mind is creatively aligned toward words, choosing a business name can be tricky; choose a business name that’s too complicated or hard to spell, and your customers might not remember you. Choose a business name that’s too common, and you might not stand out from the competition.

Hopefully, you will be using your business name for many years to come, so it’s important that you pick the right one. Luckily, there is an easy solution: use a business name generator freely available online.

What Is a Business Name Generator?

A business name generator will take the input you provide and create a list of potential business names based on your criteria. Many business name generators will provide names and check domain availability for you. You may be asking yourself: is a business name generator free? And the answer is yes; the name generation service is usually free, with add-on fee services like customized names, branding or registering the domain, LLC, etc.

Most of the business name generators will request additional details such as industry, type, style and even the emotion you would like people to feel when they hear your business name. If you are stuck in a rut on selecting a business name, a business name generator will help you brainstorm business name ideas, or at the very least, inspire your imagination to create something unique on your own.

What to Consider When Choosing a Business Name

The inputs you provide to the business name generator will drive your results. Make sure that any keywords or themes you want are included up front, so that the names generated provide a voice to what you want your small business name to say. Once you have your business name generator results, create a shortlist of names that you like. Consider trying the generator again with a different set of inputs. Many of the sites allow you to “favorite” or “save” items as you go. Take advantage of the free options available to you.

Make sure that you end up with a shortlist of names that are memorable, easy to pronounce, easy to spell and don’t have any negative connotations. Make sure to avoid common elements of a bad business name. Do some research on each of the final name choices to give yourself the peace of mind of knowing that you won’t offend anyone down the road and that you can truly make your business name your own.

What Are the Best Business Name Generators?

Here are a few recommendations for the best free business name generators, with details about the strengths and benefits of each.


  • We help you create short, punchy, memorable brand names using a combination of your keywords and artificial intelligence
  • Multiple keywords can be entered for each search
  • Our generator creates results in a wide variety of colors, fonts and backgrounds — use these as inspiration for the ideal design that represents your brand
  • Incfile provides additional services after you've generated the perfect name: a Business Name Search tool to see if the name is available in your state, and a free LLC filing + state fee to get your business started right away

Incfile Business Name Generator tool

Incfile | Business Name Search Tool


  • Bills itself as having more unique, brandable name results that are more relevant to your business ideas
  • Once you enter your keywords, you will provide additional information on the style and length of name you are looking for
  • Results are provided as logos, all of which are clickable, some basic and some premium; premium results have higher-priced domains
  • Once you select a name, you have the option to customize the logo colors, font, spacing, etc.
  • For the sample below, we used Brand Keywords “Small Business Side Hustle” with a Name Length of “Short name 3-6 letters” and a Name Style of “Brandable names” and received the following results:

Namelix Business Name Generator

BNG (Business Name Generator)

  • Allows you to enter multiple keywords prior to using the generator
  • Once the list is generated, you can filter by industry and results; website applies automated industry filters based on keywords
  • Check domain availability with GoDaddy


  • Requests that you enter a word you want your business name to include
  • Results will look similar to this (we used “Side Hustle” for the sample search):

Oberlo business name generator


  • Requests you describe your brand in one word
  • Allows you to reserve the brand name on Shopify; the business name generated becomes your Shopify store name


  • Once keywords are entered, asks for an industry; results more than doubled with the addition of an industry
  • Provides a selection of available domain names that can be registered for each name option


  • Once you select your keyword, you can further refine results with a name style, type, and industry to further zoom in on your target audience
  • Results come back as sample logos; each logo can be customized with changes to color and font
  • Clicking Buy Now will allow you to purchase the domain, and gives suggestions on possible uses and what the name suggests


  • Offers three options to generate names: AI-powered name search, custom naming contest with ideas from real people, OR ready-to-use names from a professionally curated premium collection
  • With the AI name generator, the first selection is industry, then keywords and last emotions/big ideas
  • Results come back as logo icons with pricing to purchase the domain name; each logo has a description of what it implies along with possible uses, root words, key emotions, etc.


  • Returns a single, different result each time you click “Get Name!”
  • Has a variety of different name generators from business to band to event planning company
  • Does not offer a domain name availability search

Business name generators seem to be getting more proactive in providing a visual interpretation of the results. Many sites have moved to logo-based results that can be readily customized. Some of the logo-result websites also have the option to work with a branding consultant. If you are a visually oriented person, having potential business names come complete with logos and a color palette could be helpful as you decide on a direction.

Or, if you are more of a verbally oriented person, the explanation of the meaning behind the names and logos could be more useful. And if you are just looking for some fun brainstorming ideas, the list of hundreds of names might be the most appealing option. No matter what you need from your business name, this roundup of business name generators offers something for everyone.

Try Our Free Business Name Search Tool. Check the Availability of Your Business Name.
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