​Business Boosting Technologies: The 8 Business Apps You Need to Add in 2019

Running an efficient and productive business requires an equal dose of skill and resources. To help boost and support both of those, you may need some of the most useful technology on the market. And since we are living in an on-the-go mobile world, those technologies should be mobile applications you can access with ease.

It’s true that the best small business software can now be found and accessed on your mobile phone. These productivity business apps are the tools you need to grow and scale your business without increasing any workload or complications.

We’ve already written about the Top 5 Tools You MUST Use for Your Solopreneur Business, which recommended awesome tools like Google Drive and Slack to help you run your company. Let’s take a look at some additional business tools with mobile applications to help improve accessibility and productivity.

Here are the best business apps in 2019:


Sending emails no longer has to be a tedious and painful task. Using Mailchimp, you can send out mass communications to your company’s email subscribers and connections with ease. Mailchimp is an email marketing automation platform that allows you to create and send email campaigns, track account activity via your dashboard and create subscriber lists to grow your audience. You will be able to work seamlessly from your mobile phone to your desktop, so sending email campaigns can be done wherever you are.


How many documents, images and graphics do you think you send and receive on a daily basis? Your answer is most likely a lot. Digging through emails to find a specific item you are searching for is time-consuming, especially if your inbox is overflowing. Download Dropbox and upload and organize all of your important documents and photos to help save you time.


Communication, collaboration and program management all in one. Asana is a web and mobile-based app that lets you view all of your tasks, projects and progress on a dashboard. You can share notes, upload files and communicate via chat without having to email (hooray for less emails!). The app also integrates with Google Drive, Dropbox and Slack.


Skype and Skype for Business allow you to host video chats and hop on conference calls wherever you are. You can share and view presentations, manage and schedule meetings, share your screen and send out group instant messages. Skype allows you to handle business like a boss, whether you’re in a coffee shop, the bus or the airport.


Understanding your company’s financial health is important. With QuickBooks you can track your business’s sales and expenses, view financial statements, pay your employees and vendors, track unpaid invoices, maximize tax deductions and more. The app can connect to virtually thousands of accounts, such as business bank accounts, credit cards, PayPal and Square.


Often times critical documents need to be signed when you’re on the go. With DocuSign, gone are the days where a physical signature is needed. DocuSign recognized the need for an app that allows you to upload and sign documents at the touch of a button. Create and save your signature for even quicker use. You can trust that your documents are safe and legitimate because every signature is legally binding, encrypted and secure.


Many small and large tasks go into running a business. OmniFocus is a personal task manager that lets you create projects and tasks to organize them into to-do lists. You can even use what the app calls a “Forecast Tag” where you assign a special tag that will appear in the current day’s list without having to use due dates.


This app is perfect for smaller businesses, such as food trucks, independent contractors and retail shops. It comes with a small, portable card reader that attaches to your mobile device to take fast and convenient payments. Customers can add tips and their signature, similar to any other point-of-sale system. The app can also give you real-time sales data and useful inventory tools. And you can easily customize the app as your business grows.

What are some of your favorite mobile business apps you use to manage your small business? What tools have truly helped you grow and scale your business? Leave your recommendations in the comment section below.

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Chris Keller

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