Business boosting technologies

Technology can be used as a strategic business advantage and, for entrepreneurs getting ready to start a corporation. Gartner, an information technology research and advisory company, recently compiled a list of the most promising technologies for 2011.

Cloud computing services are increasingly becoming a business staple, providing business owners with IT services at reasonable costs. Mobile applications have transformed cellular technology, allowing phones to function as computers and are great for business thanks to their portability.

New technology have also opened up the door for businesses to better understand and communicate with consumers. Social media has transformed the online networking scene, and a host of social network analysis platforms now exist to help companies expand their market research. Context-aware computing systems can anticipate a consumers needs and set up customized content, products or services to meet them.

Flash memory is becoming more common and offers the advantage of space, heat, durability and performance over RAM. Flash memory is persistent even when a computer powers off.

Ramon Ray of Entrepreneur magazine suggests that business owners treat technology as an investment and not a cost because technology can help a business grow.

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