Building consumer confidence in ‘green’ products

Building consumer confidence in ‘green’ products

For entrepreneurs interested in filing an LLC for a company that sells environmentally friendly products, it is important to market the company in such a way that consumers will have confidence in its certifications.

Consumers are sometimes dubious of the marketing claims green products make. The Federal Trade Commission recently proposed updates to its “Green Guides,” which provide a framework for environmentally friendly businesses. In addition to those suggestions, Anne Field posted some advice on American Express’ OPEN Forum.

A sustainability audit of all the business’ processes can provide concrete numbers for factors such as how much waste is produced and how much water is used. The company can then construct a plan to improve its sustainability. While government certifications of a product’s status as organic can be helpful, do not rely on labels alone, as many products feature labels that make fraudulent claims.

It is important to take into account the practices of the company’s supply chain and make suggestions for improvement when possible. Understanding the target market is also key, and not all consumers interested in green products are alike.

A company that manufactures green products should have green marketing as well. Minimizing the use of paper in campaigns reflects well on the organization, notes Emily McClendon in a column for Environmental Leader. Instead, rely on mediums such as the internet.