Building the Better Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurial Countries

building a better entrepreneur

Starting your own business is an exciting and life consuming venture, but you are not alone. Of all the countries surveyed, the USA had the largest percentage of entrepreneurs by far.

Top Entrepreneurial Countries

Where entrepreneurs come from:

      USA 82%


      India 3.8%


      UK 1.7 %


      Canada 1.3%


      Germany 1%


    Iran .8%
Melissa Clark

Melissa Clark

Head of Content & Customer Marketing at Incfile
Melissa sets the vision for Incfile's content marketing and customer relationship management. Melissa has more than 10 years experience in various marketing roles, and a passion for supporting small businesses as they incorporate and grow. She loves sharing information that will help business owners maximize their LLCs, Corporations and Nonprofits. In her spare time, Melissa is an active member of The Junior League and enjoys running half marathons.
Melissa Clark