Breaks from work can increase productivity

Breaks from work can increase productivity

After filing an LLC and doing the legwork to get a new company on its feet, a business owner might need a break to get refreshed and re-energized. Beth Goldstein, president of the Marketing Edge Consulting Group, advises that vacations can help business leaders maintain high productivity.

Goldstein acknowledges that there is work to be done and that entrepreneurs don’t need to cut themselves completely off from work during a vacation. But there does need to be some times when the focus is not on business in order to give owners a chance to relax.

Having the opportunity to reflect at a distance from the business could facilitate inspiration. Goldstein encourages vacationing business owners to take time to note any new ideas or goals they may think of.

Time away from the office can also provide deeper insight into the capabilities of the other employees and let owners know what is and isn’t working well.

It has been widely reported that taking breaks during the day is important at the office as well. In the midst of a hectic schedule, the basics like lunch and spending some time away from the computer can get lost in the shuffle. A three day-weekend or a 15 minute break can help spur productivity.