Branding can determine rise and fall of a small business

Branding can determine rise and fall of a small business

Branding and name recognition can offer entrepreneurs an advantage when it comes to staying head of the competition. In an economy where consumers are watching their dollars and revenue may be harder to come by, descriptive and informative branding can lead to success.

A lack of branding can lead to poor understanding of one’s services and a possible loss in revenue. Conversely, a sharp branding and marketing campaign provides wider reach and a possibly broader customer base, writes AllBusiness.com.

Choosing an eye-catching, memorable logo will help consumers quickly identify a small business. That image alone could be the item that triggers consumer recognition of a company’s strengths and services, as well as recall the business as a local leader.

“This isn’t just, ‘What kind of web site do we want to be?’ This is ‘Who are we?'” says Harley Manning, vice president at Forrester Research in Cambridge, Massachusetts said of picking a logo. “It’s succinct. It’s typically something that will fit on a page easily.”

Branding and corresponding marketing efforts such as e-mail campaigns, signage and online exposure, can be the difference between a successful business and a failed one.