Avoid confusion when hiring

Hiring employees seems like a pretty simple step for anybody who has formed an LLC or started a business. After all, once you’ve been through all the paperwork and legal issues associated with forming an LLC, how hard could hiring be? Well, there are a few little rules that are important to know before a business owner starts thinking about adding employees to the payroll.

The most important rule is one that all employers should know: United States federal law prohibits employers from discriminating against job candidates on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, physical handicap or age. In some states or localities additional characteristics, such as sexual orientation, may also be prohibited from entering into the hiring equation. In some high-profile court cases, companies have been taken to trial for hiring only attractive female employees. Even if a business owner has no intention of being discriminatory in his or her hiring, he or she must still be careful to consider all applicants and avoid any actions that could be considered discriminatory.

To avoid any confusion, hiring managers at businesses and LLCs should stick to job interview questions that focus specifically on the applicant’s ability to successfully perform the duties required for the job to which he or she is applying.

Both employers and employees will benefit when everyone is sensitive to discriminatory issues.

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