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S Corporation vs. Sole Proprietorship: Which Is Right for You?

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What Licenses and Permits Do I Need for My Florida Business/LLC?

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How to Create a LLC Parent Company and Subsidiary Structure

Becoming a parent brings a lot of joy…and a lot of uncertainty. The same can often be said for owners of parent LLCs.


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How to File a DBA in Georgia: A Guide

Coca-Cola. Home Depot. AT&T. What do they have in common? They're all extremely well-known brand names, and they're all based in Georgia. If you're preparing to name (or rename) your own Peach State...


Series LLC vs. LLC: Which One Do You Need?

What’s the difference between a traditional LLC and a Series LLC? Is one business entity better than the other?


Code-Switching in the Workplace: How the Desire to Belong Affects Culture

Code-switching is a common occurrence in many workplaces, and understanding it is key to knowing when it's a positive practice or when it's detrimental to your company's DEI initiatives. Recognizing...