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How to Write a Business Plan (With Template)

A detailed business plan serves as your personal roadmap, providing a comprehensive overview of your business, its goals, marketing strategies, financial projections, and more. And as your business...


Should I Start an LLC for My Side Hustle?

While you can operate your side hustle as a sole proprietorship without turning it into a legal business entity, getting an LLC for your side business can provide added protection and credibility.


Rules for Naming Your Business in All 50 States

Just as naming your pet or baby can fill you with both excitement and angst, naming your business "baby" can do the same. There's so much riding on the name as the chosen name can have a substantial...


Is Incfile Better Than LegalZoom? A Comparison

What's standing in the way of your achieving your entrepreneurial dreams? Maybe it's the time and effort you'll need to invest. Maybe it's the cost. For many prospective business owners, the real...


How to Create a Business Plan for a Food Truck (Plus Template)

Writing a business plan for your food truck is essential. Your business plan serves as a strategic roadmap that can drive your food truck dreams into reality. Use your business plan to clarify your...


10 Online Small Businesses Scams to Watch Out For

In the early days of your small business, you’re often still learning as you go, deciding what processes you need to put in place and how to optimize your operation going forward.


Can You Be Your Own Registered Agent for an LLC?

If you're willing to accept the risks involved, you can be your own Registered Agent for your LLC if you meet the following requirements: 


10 Best Business Checking Accounts for LLCs

Once you’ve formed an LLC, one essential step you'll need to follow is to keep your personal and business finances separate. Different accounts help to protect your personal assets from any...


Do I Need a Business License in California? (Plus Other Important FAQs)

A business license is a legal document allowing you to operate your business within a specific area, such as California. The requirements can vary between states and municipalities — some places may...