How to Get a Virtual Address in Wisconsin


How to Get a Virtual Address in Wisconsin

If you have a business in Wisconsin or plan on expanding your business and setting up shop in the Badger State, it's never been easier to have online access to your important mail and correspondence by using a virtual address.

At a time when a large percentage of the labor force is working remotely and when businesses are growing and expanding into different states, having a virtual mailbox is critical to ensuring the smooth functioning of your business. A virtual address also helps convey your presence in the state and keep all your important information secure.

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How to Get a Virtual Office Address in Wisconsin

Whatever type of business that you run, having a virtual mailbox is a great way to get your mail and stay organized. But how do you get a virtual address? Can you buy a virtual address, and if so, how and for how much?

First off, having a virtual address is a lot cheaper than having an actual permanent address. Most virtual addresses cost a fraction of what you’d pay for an office space. Assuming that the rent on an office is $5,000 a month, your virtual address from Incfile will only cost you $29!

Secondly, securing a mailbox is easy. Here are the basic steps of how to get a virtual office address:

  1. Go online and visit Incfile’s Wisconsin Virtual Office Address.
  2. Click on the “Get Started” button.
  3. Wondering, "What do I need to get a virtual address?" You'll need to provide your contact information and company information. Company information includes your entity type, your state of formation and your state of service (where you wish to conduct business).
  4. After providing this info, you will be shown your company address (your suite # will be assigned after order completion).
  5. Select yes or no if you'd like us to notify the state of your new business address.
  6. Next, tell us the names and addresses of your company members.
  7. Submit your payment and get your virtual address!

Once you have your virtual address, you can access your dashboard, read your correspondence and save it! And you can do this from anywhere!

The Benefits of Having a Virtual Office

Your business may keep you on the move, either traveling outside of the state or working from a different state. But if you have established your LLC in Wisconsin or are expanding to the state, it’s important that you maintain a presence in the state — even a virtual one. This will ensure that your important correspondence will reach you.


Key advantages of having a virtual address in Wisconsin include:

  • You have a permanent address to receive your mail.
  • Your correspondence is opened, scanned and saved to your dashboard where you can view it.
  • Your correspondence is paperless, allowing you to review digital files and save them securely. (You’ll never lose track of important mail, or worse yet, misplace important correspondence.)
  • You do not need to be in Wisconsin to read your mail. You can read it when you like from wherever you like.
  • You can manage your mail from anywhere in the world.
  • Even if you’re not an organized person, at least your documents and correspondence will be.
  • Key physical documents can be forwarded to wherever you are.
  • Provides a good alternative to actually renting an office space, which can prove to be costly and not necessary,
  • Having a virtual address is more secure than receiving your important correspondence at home. It also provides privacy.

Incfile’s Virtual Address Service

Having a local address in Wisconsin, even if you’re not physically there, allows you to maintain a presence in the state and never miss any important correspondence. It helps you stay on top of your business and not miss a beat. Your documents are scanned and ready for your review saving you both the time and the effort of organizing your important files. It’s all done for you! All you need to do is check your dashboard. Sign up now.

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