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Don't Miss the Delaware Annual Report Due Date of March 1: Here's What You Need to Know

When you have a business, it’s vital that you keep a close eye on the calendar. No matter what type of business you run, you need to be on top of your legal requirements to stay in good standing,...


Starting a Small Business in California Is Easiest with Incfile

We’re living in a time when anyone with entrepreneurial aspirations has ample resources to make their dreams a reality. So your new limited liability company has plenty of company, especially if...


What Should I Do When My Certificate of Good Standing Expires?

Whenever you start a company (be it a limited liability company or otherwise), you’re eligible to receive a Certificate of Good Standing. Issued by your Secretary of State office, this document...


How Do I Know What Insurance Coverage My Business Needs?

As you assemble your limited liability company, you will eventually confront the all-important question of business insurance. Of course, you want to keep your company protected, but you also don’t...


I'm Closing My Business — Should I Dissolve the Entity?

When you start a business (be it a limited liability company or some other type), you never want to face the possibility that, perhaps in just a few short years, you’ll be closing up shop. But this...


What Does It Mean to Be a ‟Foreign” Corporation?

Whenever you start a new limited liability company or another type of company, you’re embarking on an exciting new adventure. 


Can I Convert My LLC to a Series LLC to Expand My Business?

Initially, a limited liability company may be perfect for your business needs, but as you grow, it may not be broad enough to encompass everything you want to achieve. If that’s the case — and your...

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Business Auto Insurance: What Policy Do I Need?

As a small business owner, you’re implicitly responsible for every aspect of your limited liability company. Sure, you may have a board of directors, an executive team or even co-owners. But,...


Do I Need an LLC as a Social Media Influencer?

As times change, so too must the tactics we use to connect to the world around us, including our potential customer base. To that end, our collective approach to marketing has evolved tremendously...


How to Incorporate and Operate a Multi-State Food Truck Business

Before you get any limited liability company off the ground, you’ll have to complete a number of steps along the way. But, while much of this process is standard procedure for running your own...