How to Go from SAHM to WAHM By Starting Your Own Business

Are you a stay-at-home mom (or SAHM), but miss your inner boss lady? Why not transition to a work-at-home mom (WAHM)? With the prevalence of work-at-home jobs increasing every year, it is possible...

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4 Ways to Nail Digital Branding to Build Your Business

Whether you are a large corporation or a small solopreneur with an LLC, it’s important that you understand the power of the internet. Things have definitely come a long way from dial-up AOL.


States Are Fueling Startups Through Business Incentives

Are you wanting to start a business? What are you waiting for? Creating an LLC has never been easier and depending on the state you live in, there are even business incentives in place for you to get...


9 Business Tools You Need to Improve Your Processes

As a business owner, your first step was creating your LLC or specific business structure. From there, you started putting the puzzle pieces together until you could officially announce you were...


Is It Best to Find a CEO or Be the CEO of Your Company?

When starting and owning a small business such as an LLC, you have much to think about from an organizational standpoint. Are you planning on being a solopreneur or will you hire employees to help...


How Can I Open My Own Dispensary in My State?

One of the hottest topics across the nation is cannabis. Legal? Not legal? How do you start a cannabis business? If you’re allowed to in your state, how do you open a cannabis dispensary? There are...


5 Accounting Mistakes That Plague Small Business Owners

Accounting mistakes happen. That’s just the reality of it. However, for many small business owners and solopreneurs who just started their very first LLC, they simply don’t know any better. This...


6 Business Failures Every Entrepreneur Needs to Embrace

As an entrepreneur, you’re going to fail a lot. In fact, a high percentage of businesses will fail and go out of business. However, from these small business failures, you can turn things around,...


Grow Your Business Strategically: Marketing vs. Sales

As a startup, you cannot afford to sit back and relax. Every day can be a grind just to stay in business, and there’s no letting up off the gas pedal.


How to Close Your First Sale as a New Startup

Starting your own business is an exciting time. However, without sales, your excitement will quickly deflate — and so will your business. I’m not saying you need to be able to sell a lady in white...