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How to Monetize Your Social Media Platforms

Newsflash: We have officially entered the age of the influencer and how to make money online.


How to Hire Your First 10 Employees

There's no getting around it. New business owners have a laundry list of things to do, and one of the most pressing questions can be: How do startups hire employees?


How to Negotiate Collaborations as an Influencer

To followers, the life of an influencer is all glamour. But any successful influencer will tell you that behind the scenes, most of their time is spent strategizing and negotiating collaborations....


When Should Your Business Begin Accepting Cryptocurrency?

Over the past decade, cryptocurrency burst onto the financial scene in a way that almost no one expected, and one of the biggest questions that has emerged is when should small businesses start to...

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Marketing Tactics Businesses Should Adopt in 2022

With the rise of fast-paced social media, marketing trends are an ever-moving target.